The idea for Mophia arose from the craving and need for healthy, freshly baked gluten free breads and cakes. My daughter and I are both coeliacs and have been following a strict gluten free diet for over 15 years.

My husband created the name for the bakery in February 2009, Mophia’s, from the combination of our daughter’s names, Molly and Sophia. I loved this idea and so Mophias Gluten Free bakery was born!

Mophias started out as a bakery, supplying breads and cakes to different stores, selling at markets and also directly to people. It has now evolved into a bakery and cookery school providing an opportunity for you to sign up for an individual class that is of interest to you or signing up for a 6 week program with different recipes for each class. Mophias focus is on creating completely gluten free products, with no risk of cross contamination, which can be freshly prepared, affordable, and very importantly delicious!

On a final note, Mophias Gluten Free products are so good the whole family can enjoy them, so why not sign up for a class and learn how to make these items yourself, and no one will even know they are gluten free……. that’s our secret shhhhhhhh!

Enjoy and thanks,